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Camille Spencer

Camille is one of our public class teachers

Born and raised amongst the Rocky Mountains, Camille Spencer trained since young to frolic, move, and love dance.  Camille received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance from Brigham Young University (Utah, USA), and a Secondary Teaching Certification (Utah, USA). After graduating Camille taught within the secondary school system, while continuing to pursue her passion of performing and choreographing.

In 2011, Camille ventured to the United Kingdom to concentrate on producing short dance films for multiple festivals. Creating and participating in on line and site specific dance projects, as well as collaborating with other isolated international dance artists using web based showings. As an independent artist she continued to choreograph and perform solo works, and participate in workshops and performance works by UK's Gary Clarke.

Recently having settled into Perth, Camille enjoys focusing on providing dance exposure to the community, advocating movement in young children, and the Dance with Parkinson's community. When she is not wrestling with her two rambunctious boys, or wrangling chickens, Camille's passions are to find new ways of connecting with international dancers; to learn and create together; celebrating diversity; exploring methods that enable artists to embrace the creative process in their daily lives; and develop collaborative experiences between unlikely associations.

Camille's movement and teaching methodology are based on classic modern styles, embracing one's own strengths, and pushing ones limits. Her classes are open to all levels, and concentrate on that deep down feel good movement. Her training stems from Laban movement, ballet, and an inward kinesthetic awareness of self worth.