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Ellen Knops

Ellen started in 1998 in the Noorderligt musictheater in Tilburg as light technician for popbands. She moved to Amsterdam in 1992 and started to work with dance and theater. She collaborated with Magpie from it's inception and has contributed to solo projects with Katie Duck, Vincent Cacialano, Martin Sonderkamp and Alex Waterman, all improvised performances. She also works with dancers Lily Kiara, Sara Wookey, Constatien Michos, Machy Lindaue, Sayoko Onishi and Gonny Heggen. She is a resident light designer for the Melkweg Theater in Amsterdam and light designer for the Frascati Improvisation Festival.

In 2010, Ellen received the Kylian as someone who has made a significant and inspiring contribution to dance in the Netherlands.