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Israel Aloni

A new face at STRUT

Israel Aloni is an independent choreographer, guest performer and a dance educator with an extensive and international experience. 

As a performer Aloni has worked with globally acclaimed choreographers during his years with companies such as GöteborgOperans Danskompani, The Project Company of the Israeli Opera, The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and other both established and independent companies. Currently he is engaged as a guest performer with Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin, Germany.

Aloni, is the Co-Director of ilDance, together with Lee Brummer. ilDance is an independent and international contemporary dance company and a production coordinating collective based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Aloni and Brummer founded the company in 2012. ilDance is the initiator and producer of original works by independent choreographers as well as many other pioneer contemporary performing arts projects and activities all over the world. 

Aloni’s choreographic work is known for its unique physical exploration. By advancing his sophisticated movement language, intertwining theatrical elements and occasionally text, Aloni manages to interact with the public’s emotions and psychic. Throughout the years, Aloni has developed his own choreographic language which he also teaches in his contemporary dance classes and workshops.

His experience as a dance educator includes a long list of prestigious companies, universities, academies and schools all around the globe. His eclectic personal journey and interest in developmental psychology, neurochemistry and biochemistry make his teaching and mentoring well crafted and multilayered.


What to expect from Israel's Class

The class begins with a warmup that is Aloni's own method which incorporates elements inspired by Klein Technique and The Franklin Method. These are incorporated into constant movement sequences that deepen the sensation and understanding of the structures in the body. It prepares the dancers for sophisticated and intricate mind-body connections.

The warmup is followed by movement sequences that challenge the range of movement in the skeletal joints but, encourage the dancers to use minimal muscular effort while completing demanding physical tasks. The dancers are also stimulated and motivated by metaphors and sensual imagery that correspond with the dramaturgical aspects of Aloni’s choreographic work.

Aloni’s class advances the dancer's perception of what is "possible” to create with their own body and mind. 

The class includes both improvisation and taught materials.