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Lee Brummer

Colleague to Israel Aloni

Lee Brummer is an international guest teacher, choreographer, educator and the co director of ilDance.

As a performer she danced with the Bat Dor dance company (IL), The Emanuel Gat dance Company (IL) and with various independent choreographers. She has worked as choreographer's assistant in a variety of dance productions and musicals.

Brummer completed her BA-Dance and teaching degree at the "Jerusalem Academy of music and dance" and studied psychology, theatre and Pilates alongside her career as a dancer. She has been teaching and working with companies such as: DV8 Physical Theatre (UK), Verve (UK), National Dance company Wales (UK), and Norrdans (Sweden) to name a few. Additionally she has been teaching open professional training classes and in universities and schools worldwide.

Today Brummer is the Co-Director of ilDance, together with Israel Aloni. ilDance is an independent and international contemporary dance company and a production coordinating collective based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company was founded in 2012 and initiates and produces original choreographic works, educational activities and other opportunities for practicing dance artists and dance enthusiasts.

Brummer's work and creation is driven and inspired by her vast interest in psychology, sociology, human patterns and behaviour. Her knowledge and former experience in dance, theatre, anatomy and psychology create a base and strong foundation from which she works and are evident in her daily practice and classes as well as in her creation.

What to expect from Lee's Class

Brummer's classes and workshops aspire to develop body awareness and conciousness of the endless physical resources that each individual inhabits. Technique is used as a tool which sophisticates unique possibilities and enables expression in a direct and physical way.

The class emphasises shifting of weight through space and movement qualities by referring to movement of the skeleton, different sensations and approaches. Improvisation based tasks and a series of combinations challenge an advanced dancer to use dynamics and musicality to their fullest while paying attention to details, reason and consequence and embracing ones physical individuality while doing so.