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Ros Warby

Ros Warby is a critically artist whos work has been presented throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. Recognised for her unique perspective, Warby has received numerous awards including the Robert Helpmann Award for Best Female Dancer 2007, Greenroom Awards for Best Female Performer in 2000, 2001 and 2007, and the 2007 Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award.

The creation of Warby's work has benefited from the rapport she has nurtured with her creative team over the past 20 years, designer Margie Medlin and composer Helen Mountfort. With Warby they create an elaborate interplay between the elements of dance, film, sound and light, and craft a dialogue between these forms, where they coexist in a manner rarely achieved in multi- disciplinary work.

She is currently a visiting scholar at UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures and Dance, teaching performance practice, and approaches to choreographic practice that challenge, expand and utilize dancers perceptual awareness in performance and dance making.


Ros Warby is one of a handful of truly distinctive Australian solo dancer-choreographers creating a body of unique works and steadily gaining international attention.