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Sita Ostheimer

Hofesh Shechter project leader

Between 1993 and 2001, German-born Sita Ostheimer studied at Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium and the university of Music and Performance Arts in Frankfurt am Main,Germany. In 2001 Sita joined MS Schrittmacher (Oldenburg), a physical theatre company under the direction of Martin Stiefermann, with whom she worked for four years.

She spent two years with Galili Dance (Itzik Galili) devising numerous works such as Me, Freckel Hunters, Shaker Loops, Exile Within, For Heaven’s Sake, Your Place My Place, Head or Tales and choreographing her own work Closing Time in 2007. Sita then spent one year in Amsterdam with Kristina de Chatel.

In June 2008, Sita joined Hofesh Shechter Company. She was part of the creation and tours of works such as In Your Rooms, Political Mother, Art of Not Looking Back, Choreographer’s Cut and Sun. For the In Good Company evening of Hofesh Shechter, Sita created Noble Thinking (2011), Accompany (2012), and Dissimilar Foxes (2014).

Since 2012, Sita’s freelance work included research and performance with The National Theatre (UK), It Needs Horses by Ben Duke, numerous short films, her creation Metanoia premiered in Norway. She also re-stages Shechter’s work such as Splinter at Edge London, In Your Rooms and Uprising at NDT I , Dog at Staatstheater Kassel / Johannes Wieland, Violet Kid at Ballet Basel.

2014 Sita has been the rehearsal director at Staatstheater Kassel / Johannes Wieland. 2015 she is the touring rehearsal director of Shechter Junior and creating her own work for companies such as Bodhi Project Sead and Frontier Danceland in Singapore.

Sita teaches regular professional workshops and classes worldwide.

Starting in 2017, Sita will be the project leader of STRUT's three-year partnerhsip with the Hofesh Shechter Company.