Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion

A STRUT Dance and PICA presentation


"There’s a beguiling mix of the scholarly, the quizzical and the righteously indignant that is unique to Fargion and Burrows...the concentration of their work demonstrates how much expressive power even a small gesture, a tiny variation of tone or rhythm, can possess."

Judith Mackrell on Body Not Fit For Purpose, The Guardian London, 23rd June 2014

The work of Burrows and Fargion radiates delight even as it makes the audience think. Over the past ten years the two artists have built a body of duets which mix the formality of classical music composition with an open and often anarchic approach to performance and audiences, bringing them a worldwide following.

In Show And Tell the two artists explore the hidden influences that underpin their work. Revealing the vital role that mimicry plays in the creative process, Burrows and Fargion compose a presentation of formative images and sounds, and in so doing examine what is absorbed and transformed, buried and disclosed, engaged and appropriated in the making of performance works.

Body Not Fit For Purpose is the duo’s first overtly political work, taking as its starting point the inadequacy of the dancing body to express that which is of concern and at the same time the inherent radicality of the attempt. The performance unravels the link between meaning and action, raising questions in the midst of our laughter.

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion appear courtesy of Dance Sites, an ongoing partnership between Dancehouse (Melbourne), Critical Path (Sydney) and STRUT Dance (Perth) - providing unique access to training, development and performance opportunities from leading Australian and international artists.


April 28 – 29, 7:30pm


PICA Performance Space


$25 – $30


Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion