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Filipa Peraltinha

Filipa Peraltinha is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Hailing from Portugal, she has danced for a number of renowned institutions such as Cullberg Ballet, Tok'Art, LN Dance Company, CPBC, Portuguese National Ballet, and Oslo Danse Ensemble, amongst others.

Filipa is also trained in urban dance and has been incorporating a lot of those influences in her movement research and choreography.

She has worked with choreographers and mentors such as Mats Ek, Crystal Pite, Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Benoit Lachaimbre, Rui Horta, Paulo Ribeiro, André Mesquita Fernando Hernando Magadan, among others.

Filipa has choreographed several works for film and for a number of prestigious European, US and Australian companies. Since 2009 Filipa has been a guest teacher at schools, universities and professional dance companies throughout the world training students in Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Improvisation, Abstract Hip Hop, Floor Barre and Repertoire.