Lane / Jacobs (delivered)

Collaborations: Choreography / Theatre Direction

Join recent Keir Choreographic Award winning choreographer Melanie Lane and Fraught Outfit artistic director Adena Jacobs in a two-week exploration of the intersectionality of dance and theatre practice. A space that invites and unpacks processes of interdisciplinary collaboration, collisions and co-creation. The workshop will offer participants:

 - Dialogue that interrogates the parallel practices between theatre and dance

 - Methods and principles for transforming narrative into physical practice

 - Processes of generating material around imagery and narrative


Date: Sept 2 - 13

Price: $400

Participation: Registrations open Feb 1 2019 and payment will be accepted on a first come first served basis - Register HERE




Date: Sept 12 / 6:30pm


All activities at the State Theatre Centre of WA


Scholarships are available for the Collaborations workshop - APPLY HERE NOW (closes Jan 18 2019)