Professional Class

Aspirational training for professional dancers and physical theatre practitioners

STRUT recognises the necessity of technical training as part of an artist's physical maintenance and preparedness to work and we are committed to providing the sector with inspirational dance teachers and mentors from all over Australia and abroad.

This will be focused during the Master Workshop Series and any performance outcome delivery. So please check the dates of the Master Workshop Series and Performances to make sure that you are up to date and able to engage.

Upcoming classes

Dec 3 - 14 : Sam Coren / Hofesh Shechter Company (Mon-Fri)

Venue: State Theatre Centre RR1 - Stage door, Roe St


9:30 - 11.00 am


$12 per class for STRUT Members

$16 per class for non-members


Open to all professional-level dancers and physical theatre practitioners.

While every safety & duty of care measure is taken by STRUT, class is undertaken at participants' own risk.