SUNSET - Bringing the Heritage Precinct to life

February 2019, STRUT Dance presents SUNSET - a new immersive dance theatre performance from Maxine Doyle, down at the Sunset Heritage Precinct on the Swan River for the 2019 Perth Festival.

A historical first - for STRUT, for independent artists and for the Sunset Precinct.

STRUT Dance is also thrilled to announce that it has been successful in securing support from the Creative Partnerships Australia Plus1 dollar-for-dollar matched fundraising program. We are looking to raise $50,000 to enable the creation of SUNSET.

By donating to our SUNSET campaign your tax deductible donation will double its value through Plus 1 and will:


A unique opportunity for a team of 43 Australian artists and technicians to collaborate on a new dance theatre performance from the renowned UK director-choreographer Maxine Doyle (co-director of Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man, Sleep No More).


Perth’s new performance venue, The Sunset Heritage Precinct, down by the iconic Swan River. SUNSET will provide the benchmark and legacy for future activation of the site and will galvanise the local community, Arts sector and audiences alike.


An array of tailor-made events, bespoke showings, with exclusive access to the creatives and the extraordinary venue  - for a richer and fuller SUNSET experience.

Please choose from the following four options and help us make dance history: