Since 2002, STRUT Dance has provided unparalleled opportunities for artist development, performance, and employment by working with artists locally, across Australia, and beyond. STRUT has continued to provide its audiences with exciting and innovative opportunities to engage with our artists through organic showings, site-specific curated experiences, main-stage performances, and significant festival platforms.

Only with STRUT Dance do you have the opportunity to connect with globally benchmarked performance opportunities presented by local artists here in their community; and the space to explore, grow and develop strong Western Australian choreographic talent that sits alongside the best Australia has to offer.

STRUT is at the heart of independent dance in Perth and offers a robust suite of engagement opportunities for members underpinned by multi-year partnerships with artists, organisations, venues, and festivals that ensure long term sector impact, audience development, and employment opportunities for artists. 

Your donation allows us to nurture and develop outstanding artists here in Western Australia and provides both artists and audiences access to some of the world’s finest choreographers.

Your tax-deductible investment in the future of STRUT Dance will:


Dance artists from all over Australia to access the world's best development, collaboration and performance opportunities from artists such as Crystal Pite, Lucy Guerin, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui; building a vibrant and sustainable ecology for us all.


Australian audiences with the opportunity to see internationally benchmarked work performed by STRUT Dance members; and the opportunity to experience newly commissioned work created here in Western Australia by local artists, supported by STRUT’s range of artist development programs, platforms, and opportunities.


An array of tailor-made events and bespoke showings with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the choreographers, creative teams, and artists.

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